• Which Side Are You On?

    7th Nov 2019 by

    The Brexit Party appeared on the UK political scene in January of this year. We ought to see it as an effect of the political impasse of the last three years; in particular, as a political grouping (it is hard to really see them as a party, seeing as they have so few policies) that… Read more

  • Dan Evans – Some Brief Thoughts on Wales and Brexit

    24th Sep 2019 by

    In the 2016 EU referendum, unlike our Celtic cousins in Northern Ireland and Scotland, Wales voted to leave. There were significant regional variations in the vote. Welsh speaking rural areas of Gwynedd and Ceredigion voted to remain, alongside Cardiff and its hinterland, the Vale of Glamorgan. All of the former industrial areas of south and… Read more

  • Powers to the Peoples! – John Foster & Vince Mills

    18th Sep 2019 by

    John Foster and Vince Mills of Radical Options for Scotland and Europe ROSE argue the return of legislative powers from Brussels to the governments of Scotland, Wales and the English regions could lead a revival of regional economies once State Aid bans imposed under EU competition law are removed This summer workers in Glasgow’ s… Read more

  • Labour’s Brexit slide – Martin Hall

    10th Sep 2019 by

    As Boris Johnson and the Tories cling to power, many people could be forgiven for wondering what is going on in the Labour Party. Having rightly had a stated policy of prioritising a general election these last two years, it has now turned down the chance to have one twice in under a week. Furthermore,… Read more

  • David Jamieson – After the Tory Cannibal

    6th Sep 2019 by

    Since the coronation of Boris Johnson, the British state crisis has reached a new peak. This has revealed all the morbid symptoms of the systemr that socialists have, for years, insisted lies behind Brexit. The conspiracy theory of a Machiavellian elite faction bent on ‘disaster capitalism’ has lost credibility (among those paying attention) with every… Read more

  • Ray Morell – From No Deal to A Green New Deal

    27th Aug 2019 by

    As the world economy slides towards recession, tension with existing international trade arrangements grow and the economic order that has led to the downgrading and downsizing of jobs is looking increasingly shaky. These changes at a global level combined with the vote to leave the EU all point to a recomposition of the global economic… Read more

  • Tommy McKearney – Brexit and the Future of Ireland

    24th Aug 2019 by

    A recent article in the Irish Times reported retired Irish diplomat Sean Ó hUigínn quoting Edmund Burke’s remark that the English have only one ambition in relation to Ireland, which is to hear no more about it. Undoubtedly, with the Brexit backstop causing turmoil in the House of Commons, senior members of the Conservative party… Read more

  • Sean Shirley-Smith – Leave – Fight – Transform

    21st Aug 2019 by

    This article by Sean Shirley-Smith, a founding member of the LeFT campaign, was originally published by Labour Hub. Leave – Fight – Transform, or LeFT, is a grassroots campaign aiming to give voice to those on the left that desire a clean break with the European Union, to fight neoliberalism, and transform society. Founded by… Read more

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