On Brexit day: LeFT Campaign Statement on Britain leaving the European Union

Tonight Britain legally ceases to be a member state of the European Union, Leave, Fight, Transform – The LeFT Campaign says: 

Now Fight for Socialist Transformation

The fact that Britain is at last leaving the EU on 31 January 2020 some three and a half years since we voted to do so, is a victory for popular democracy and the real People’s vote over Britain’s political establishment and the corporate-sponsored Remain campaign. 

Now we are leaving the EU, the real political struggle begins:

  • To end austerity policies (mandatory for member states under the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact)
  • For investment in manufacturing jobs and public services (severely restricted under EU State Aid rules)
  • To bring our railways and utilities back into public ownership (which EU Single market rules were designed to prevent)

Of course as the decline in Labour’s vote share at the 2019 general election showed, it didn’t need to be a Tory government that delivered Brexit. Labour’s adoption of a second referendum policy was a demonstration of bad faith and a self-inflicted wound for which the party was punished by voters. 

Boris Johnson’s Tories may brag they ‘Got Brexit Done’, but the political battle now moves onto new terrain – the future we make for ourselves as a country outside the constraints of the EU.

The Labour movement and the left in Britain have a choice to make between continuing to be cheerleaders for membership of the increasingly authoritarian, neoliberal EU empire, or standing up for the millions of working people in Britain who want the socialist policies that only a Labour government can deliver. 

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