Labour lost its ‘heartlands’, and the Tories swept to power – Ray M

This essay follows on from two recent articles. The first was written before polling day and defined the election as the ‘Revenge Election’. It argued that Labour needed to articulate the desire for revenge felt by working-class people who have suffered years of neoliberalism, austerity and injustice. The second article, written after the election, drew on Mark […]

After Brexit Day: now the real fight begins – LeFT Campaign statement

As the dust settles after Britain formally left the EU on the 31st January, the task for socialists remains the same: to work to raise working class consciousness, and to arm our movement and our class with the necessary weapons in the struggle ahead. What context Britain outside the EU provides, and where the likely […]

On Brexit day: LeFT Campaign Statement on Britain leaving the European Union

Tonight Britain legally ceases to be a member state of the European Union, Leave, Fight, Transform – The LeFT Campaign says:  Now Fight for Socialist Transformation The fact that Britain is at last leaving the EU on 31 January 2020 some three and a half years since we voted to do so, is a victory […]

The Road from Wigan’s clear

Our Brexit, or Theirs – the LeFT Campaign’s North West event on Saturday 18 January at Gerrard Winstanley House – named for Wigan’s most famous son of the English revolution – saw a big turnout by trade unionists and socialists from across the North west region and beyond.  As Tony Benn once remarked, there are […]

Labour’s Brexit slide – Martin Hall

As Boris Johnson and the Tories cling to power, many people could be forgiven for wondering what is going on in the Labour Party. Having rightly had a stated policy of prioritising a general election these last two years, it has now turned down the chance to have one twice in under a week. Furthermore, […]